After you receive corrections, then what?

I’d like to know how people use the feedback they receive on Langcorrect. Do they re-write their original entries? How do they study the corrections they receive?

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I personally like to export my corrections into a CSV, and then use that to create electronic flashcards via Anki. If I get stuck on some of the feedback, I just whip out my grammar books and cross reference/update the feedback as needed.

I do not recommend rewriting the journal by editing the original because it will hide all the old sentences along with their corrections. It also is not beneficial since other learners won’t be able to learn from your mistakes.

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I review the corrections and ask the correctors questions about it if I don’t fully understand why something was corrected. Then I also collect the other corrections in a separate document, a “mistake diary”, so that I keep in mind on what points I should focus. When I see that it’s a systematic mistake, I review the related grammar. I never rewrite my entry. Before posting I make sure that I reduce the number of mistakes as much as possible for my level, for instance I use a grammar and spell-checking tool, to eliminate typing errors (something like Grammarly but in French:


I will revise the text for any mistakes that were obviously mistakes, especially if they are careless ones that I should have already noticed: wrong tense, wrong gender agreement, etc. This way, if I refer back to the text later on, to see how I phrased something, I won’t copy down the wrong thing. This also ensures that any later corrections will focus more on things that I do not know, rather than on typos that I made.

I don’t really track my mistakes, but I do make a mental note of major grammar or usage points that come up in the corrections. To be honest, that’s what I have done in the past as well, outside of the context of LangCorrect. I do also cross-check any suggestions that have been made with the dictionary or with a grammar guide, to confirm the correction and get a better grasp of any subtleties. I think this is only possible though with languages where the learner has some existing working knowledge.

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