Blocking someone

hey there, I’ve been having some issues with a user. He’s been compulsively and obsessively correcting almost all of my journals, even if they have +3 corrections already or I posted them years ago. Not only that, he is always correcting stuff I say right (I asked natives), he even corrects the way I say hello! I even set a trap once: I asked a native from my target language to post a journal and he still corrected it, and I didn’t even mention that he changes the whole meaning of what I’m trying to say, or needlessly extends it (eg: I once wrote ‘Hey! How are you doing?’ and he changed the whole sentence to ‘How are you? What’s going on?’). He clearly is doing so because his ratio is low, which I understand, but this whole thing is unnecessary and annoying. I wish he could vanish away from my journals, but there is no way to block him or report his behavior.

Maybe he just think more formal language equates to “right”. That’s a very common mindset.

@cthylla There isn’t any way to block anyone at the moment, but I’ve added it as a feature request. This kind of functionality will be released after the new client is released (no eta at the moment, unfortunately). Have you asked the user to be more lax with their corrections? That may help. If it continues to be a problem, please let me know and I can release this kind of functionality sooner.

I have also made all uncorrected journal entries older than 30 days visible. That should hopefully help too~

Thank you so much! Luckily, his behavior stopped for now. I’ll ask him to stop in the future if he comes back, as you requested.