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The reading and the lecturer deal both with the benefits and disadvantages of free trade, whereas the author of the reading states that the open commerce is beneficial for achieve the development in many countries and expand their market; the lecturer suggests that this advantages will not reach to all the participants in this global business
First of all, according to the reading, free trade secures jobs in some countries due to their specialization in this way of commerce; besides he adds that free trade will help with an efficient use of the resources. Notwithstanding, the lecturer disputes this point and argue that there is not a real division in the working are and that local people cannot accomplish with the demand of some transnational enterprises.
Secondly, the reading states that free trade will help increasing the production in a big scale around the world; as a result, more people can have access to more products and will improve dramatically their life expectance. Nevertheless, the lecture refutes this argument. She argues that this economic politics will carry an unbalanced development and the rich countries will take advantage from this kind of trade, while the situation for poor countries will be detrimental.
Finally, the reading claims that free trade will increase the demand of exporting countries. In other words, the writer mentions that the expansion of the global market will require new jobs for the people. On the other hand, the lecturer believes that the global enterprises not always hire people from the local market, in most cases they contract people from other countries with better formation instead inhabitants from poor countries who generally did not receive an adequate education.

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