Difficult to find Language Partners

Having looked around this site, it does not seem particularly easy to find people who speak my target language and want to lean my native language. Correcting English errors is a lot of work, and I’d prefer to do that for someone who was in a position to potentially return the favour by correcting my German.

This difficulty might be why a lot of posts seem to have no corrections, or very few corrections.

So far the best method of finding someone who might be suitable seems to be to look at who is correcting German entries and then see if they are also learning English. It seems somewhat roundabout. Is there a better way?


Personally I don’t check whether someone whose text I correct is also speaking the languages I learn. I just try to have it balanced and correcting textes in the amount of where other people correct my textes.
Sure it would be good if one can find someone who learn one’s language, so one could just correct each other’s text. But I don’t think it’s a need. As long as one tries to correct textes for others, when they also do correct one’s text, I think there should be a balance.
But sure not all languages might have equally many native speakers here. So it might not work as easily for every language.

So yeah in my opinion the idea of the system should work through one correcting at least the same amount of textes as one might upload and wanting to get corrected too.

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If you still have uncorrected journals, it may help posting the links in the forum. There’s a flood of new journals coming in each day (especially now during the challenge), so some may get overlooked and disappear from the feed over time.
If you’re looking for a tandem partner it might be best to advertise here in the forum or ask around over on discord.

It may be the case that many native German speakers already are at a pretty decent English level and don’t study it anymore. I for my part have no ambition to become flawless in English and focus on other languages instead.

Then, I agree with kanrei in that I don’t check what languages German learners speak. And I think the majority of the users are the same.

Thanks for answering. It’s just not right for me, I guess,

Thanks. I don’t have any uncorrected entries. It is more of a case of deciding whether this format could work for me.

Also, very difficult to find language partners to practice with. To me corrections are only part of the game of language learning.

I feel the same, I wish I could find someone who speaks my target language and help each other but for some languages it’s not so easy to do, but it’s a good idea.