“Discard corrections” doesn’t work any longer

What the title states: if I accidentally open a sentence for correction and then decide it didn’t need it I can’t cancel out of that anymore since the new release.

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Hi @diggn,

Thank you for the bug report! The current client will no longer be worked on as it is being completely replaced in the next major revision. Please be careful and hang in there for a bit longer.

I appreciate your understanding!

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:slight_smile: I’ll try my best. :wink:

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So I just spent half an hour on correcting an entry, and as I push submit I get prompted for my login and everything is gone :cry:

I guess I should log out and back in before I tackle a new correction these days?

There’s not enough context so I can’t say for certain, but with this limited information provided (+ there’s no other reports of it happening), I don’t think it’s something that happened because of LC.

What exactly happened leading up to this? Did you already have the tab preloaded? You wouldn’t be able to reach that page if you weren’t logged in. Do you perhaps have some browser settings/addons that wipes cookies?

I also don’t know why you’d have to log out and log back in versus just refreshing the page to make sure you’re logged in.

Sorry, I somehow totally missed your response; if I remember correctly I had opened the journal entry for correction, wandered off to do something else for maybe 1.5 hours, did the correction and then, on submit, got logged out.
I’ll make sure I refresh before I invest any work in the future.
How long are login-sessions valid for, btw?