Do I correct them anyway?

Hello! I’m a new user and I noticed that there are no journal entries that need to be corrected in English. On websites like this, I always try to contribute something before posting my own stuff. But if everything has already been corrected, what can I contribute? I’m not qualified to correct anything in any language but English & I’d like to engage with the community. What should I do? Am I meant to offer my own corrections when there are already sufficient corrections present?

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There are no hard rules, but generally if a posts already has a few users who have corrected it and your corrections won’t be different than what has already been added, then it’s totally okay to skip correcting it. The system itself will not penalize you for having a low correction ratio if there are no uncorrected posts. If there’s an uncorrected post then you’ll be greeted with a page that tells you that you’ll need to correct before being able to publish another entry.

I hope this helps! If you need anything to be clarified or if you have any more questions please feel free to reach out.

Happy studies!