Feedback on language challenges // ideas for june challenge


Okay looking for some feedback for the June Challenge:

Ideas i have:

  1. A second category on the LC which everyone can have their one challenge log and update there. Should be cleaner than commenting journals in the comments, easier for me to see and count especially if you’re doing multiple languages.

  2. Also, maybe suggesting that people title their journals: [#/30] title of journal so it’s easy to see what journals are for the challenge and which aren’t.

Questions i have:

  1. did you like having the free day? Would you prefer to not have a free day or just a suggested prompt if you wanted to write but it wasn’t “required”? I know a lot of people wrote on their free day to keep their streak up!

  2. do we want to have a themed challenge? Or more just general questions about your target Language, etc. Do you like the questions about technical stuff (like the synonyms/antonyms prompt) or want something more laid back, like creative writing prompts. (like in school: write a story starting with two characters arguing, your character opens a red door and what is behind it?, etc)

  3. would you want an added (optional) challenge of recording your writing and posting it to r/Judgemyaccent, YouTube, etc. To get feedback on your accent as well?

  4. would you like me to email/PM you with a start of challenge reminder on the first day? Would you want occasional PM/emails of encouragement through the challenge? Would you want a “last week of the challenge!” Pm/Email?

  5. did you enjoy the beginner & intermediate/advanced versions of prompts? Was that helpful?

Also feel free to just PM me if you’d prefer!

For me personally, i really love how @vinaspa wrote out their Journals & thanked the correctors.

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I like how they thanked the correctors as well. Maybe we can also include a sentence or two summarizing the corrections they received for x journal and what they will focus on to try and not make the same mistake.

So far: There has been a good response for PM/E-Mails for the beginning and end of the challenge. There has also been a request to post the daily prompts in Discord as well.

Creative prompts has interest but not a full month of creative prompts. Ideas are being floated around on whether or not I should offer two prompts for people to choose from each day, One being a technical prompt (Similar to prompts we did this challenge) and the other being a creative prompt (Such as write a story that starts with two characters arguing) or just occasional creative prompts.

Example for both prompt idea:

Prompt 1) What is your favourite word in your target language? Why? (Intermediate to advanced: When did you first hear/see this word? How often do you use it? Can you use it in a sentence?)

Prompt 2) It is night-time and you’re inside reading a book. The lights go out and you hear your front door bang open. What happens next?

Example for just scattered through out:

What is your favourite word in your target language? Why? (Intermediate to advanced: When did you first hear/see this word? How often do you use it? Can you use it in a sentence?)

It is night-time and you’re inside reading a book. The lights go out and you hear your front door bang open. What happens next?

Well, I didn’t title my journals with the day, but I included the tags #challenge and #day1. This could be a solution too, but for some it would probably be better to put the day in the title because sometimes even I struggled to find a proper title.

As for your questions:

  1. In my case nothing would change. I was intending to rest on the 15th day, but I didn’t want my strike to go down, so I published a post in French (I participated in the challenge in Russian and Polish). I even saw someone who published a post saying “please ignore this, it’s just to keep my streak up”;

  2. Being a writer, I’d definitely lean more towards a creative approach. I wouldn’t support technical prompts because depending on the person and the language, it might get too difficult. Some might have too basic a level to even know any synonym/ antonym. I wouldn’t even suggest anything involving grammar, because not all languages have the same grammatical concepts. I would rather keep the prompts about the person, for example “what’s your favourite colour?” or “tell us about your happiest memory”. I think that the more personal you get and the more easier it is for anyone of any level to write a journal on it;

  3. I was actually going to suggest this as a feature to be added, but then I figured it would have been too complicated to implement (I could already imagine people posting 1-hour long recordings in such a thick accent that no one understands anything). In this case, though, I would suggest for people to recite a poem in their target language or even reading a random Wikipedia page. I mean, if we are focusing on the accent/ pronunciation, we shouldn’t correct grammar/ syntax, unless you want learners to focus on their speaking skills instead;

  4. I personally wouldn’t. It would make me feel too much pressure, but people are different, so you could suggest it as an option;

  5. To me personally it wasn’t too helpful. In many cases the intermediate and advanced prompts would have made me write too long a text, which would have drained me of all motivation on the first days. I deliberately avoided those prompts, I think they were too detailed. I would rather suggest a prompt so broad and general that could suit any level.

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Hello everyone!

So in my case:

1) I really needed the free day. I didn't realize how hard it would be to do this challenge while having other obligations. I wrote two enries the next day to compensate. 
  1. Creative writing is easier for me, so I need technical prompts to get better. It shouldn’t be so hard to talk about boring things. Also, correcting is easier if you can tell what’s the problem. Duh.

  2. As long as we don’t have to do it.

4) Depends on the emails.  NanoWrimo did it well when I was doing it. Maybe as an option ? "Sign here if you want encouragement?"

5. It helped a lot.
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