How about a third text area where we can write a revision of our original entry?

Hi, Sora San! I have an idea which you gave me. May we have another textbox in which we can write an edit or revision of our original post? Thank you! You’re the bestest!

Yes, I’d love that too actually! I wonder how we can fit it into the design, or how it will work exactly.

And no, you’re the bestest bestest best!

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hmm, ya, we can use 3rd normal form and call it textbox2 or something or do something really fun and normalize higher by giving it its own unique ID.

noooo, you’re the most bestest bestest bestest!

I second this.
I actually used to do it myself for my earliest posts, then I got tired because it was quite time-consuming.
Maybe we could have a second box, just like we have a “Notes” box.

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I’m not sure if the right way to go about it is adding another box when editing the post. I’m thinking it would be better to do it in another view and then this way we can do a three way compare (original, corrected, rewritten). Would love some feedback on this.

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That sounds good to me!