How do side-by-side LangCorrect corrections look?

I haven’t been able to find any images online, and the Premium page for LangCorrect is pretty bare-bones. While the other features are mostly understandable, could a Premium member/admin post an image of what side-by-side corrections look like?

There’s no way for me to find out, and it’d be a factor in me considering shelling out as well.

I’m away from the computer, but this is how it looks like on the vertical orientation on a mobile phone. On a large screen device, it would just be a whole lot wider with more sentences being fit on a screen. I can attach a screenshot later today.

Do note that the site is getting a redesign, so the looks & styling will change.

Thanks for the premium consideration! Helps keep the servers running ^.^

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Thanks for the photo! If you have a few spare moments later to show how it looks on desktop, that would be greatly appreciated as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s an example using corrections from one of your journals~

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