I spent an hour on my journal only to lose it because of the correction ratio warning

After spending an hour on my journal I was met with a “posting privileges disabled” message because my correction ratio was too low. I understand why this restriction exists but I would have really liked to have received that warning before starting on my journal, as there did not seem to be anyway to recover my work. My ratio was at .49ish so I wonder if I had met the conditions for some kind of bug that caused the warning to show up only at submission time.

Hi! Yes, I agree, it would be a good idea to prevent people from creating entries in the first place if they haven’t reached the correction ratio.

In general, whenever I want to publish a long text on the Internet, I write it on Word or a notepad first and then copy-paste it. I can’t count the number of times when I lost something I had spent much time on because of a technical error, or something. So it’s a good “safety measure” to follow, IMO.

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You’re absolutely right; I’ll follow that advice going forward!

Yikes :scream: Sorry about that!

Did you check if the post was saved as a draft? There should be a copy of it. I can double check on Monday.

The system itself was functioning as intended. Low ratios are by passed if there are no uncorrected posts. The checks are then rerun on submit. I’ll see what can be done about this with the upcoming client to make it a smoother experience. A banner alert with the bounded form returned might be a way to go about it. I’m open for some ideas as well :bulb:

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I can’t find a draft (maybe I somehow caused it to not be saved).
Regardless I remembered most of what I wrote and wrote it better the second time, so it’s not a big deal.
I guess one other possible solution is to only run the ratio check once (and if by-passed during that one check then allow the post even if uncorrected posts appear).
But I suppose the draft system solves most issues anyway.