(Idea) Show us more details about people's native language, what language they're learning, etc

It’d be cool if we could have something like this
next to our username. I know we can see this information in our profile, but I feel like it’s too general. I think this would help us learn better when people correct us. Knowing these kinds of details could be a game changer for those of us who are learning English. Thank you.

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Hi @b11,

I like your version of a user’s language levels over our current implementation. The version you have made is more intuitive and takes up less space. Really nice job! I’m not sure if there is a react.js library for the country flags, but it’s definitely something we can look into.

A user can have up to 13 languages so I don’t think having the languages always visible next to a username would be a good idea. Imagine how this would look like on a small device like a phone. An alternative could be to have some kind of card appear when hovering over or clicking on a username. This card could then have some basic user information as well as their language levels.

I have created an issue with this feature request here: Redesign language levels · Issue #85 · LangCorrect/react-client-mui · GitHub

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Hi @masemune, I can see how it could get messy with so many languages. Maybe limiting the amount we can see right off the bat could work. Let’s say 4 and then you could go with your idea about hovering over (I like this one) or clicking on the username to see more. So hopefully you guys can make it happen at some point if it’s not a tricky thing to do. Otherwise, it’s okay. I just thought it could come in handy to have something like this. Thank you for taking the time to even consider something like this.