Is it possible to hide the note section?

I think I rarely use the note section.
The current page is more suitable for translation.

Just released a preference setting for this.

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Some suggestions.

  1. Thank you very much for replying to my suggestion about Hidden Note. I have found it from the settings. Thanks again.
    Suggestion: Can you please add a button named note directly on the writing page. I think it will be more convenient for users to switch and also help them to discover this feature.

  2. I would like to restore the way the native language is displayed when modifying a user’s post in version
    Right now, I can’t see the native language of the learner when I’m correcting. I only try to find out what language this learner speaks and try to reply in the other person’s native language when I find that the learn’s target language level is low.

  3. I personally don’t like “Create a prompt sidebar” very much. When the mouse hovers over the prompt, it displays “browse and create writing prompts”. So we can create new prompts on this page. Also, writing journal is much more frequent than prompt. I think adding both New Journal and New Prompt in Create will cause confusion to new users.

The new version is really great thank you for your efforts.

Yes this is actually planned and was suggested by @love too. You can review the past conversations here if you’d like.

I am wondering if I should present this information directly inside the text overview modal, so that it’ll be mobily responsive and not clutter up that sticky bar.

You do make a really valid point. I’ll squeeze this in with v3.0.2.

As always thank you for all of the feedback and suggestions!

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Here’s what I came up with, and it’s fully scrollable if the content is too long: