Is there a company behind LangCorrect?

Hi ! I like this website (and this community !) but I don’t understand if there is something like a company behind LangCorrect ? Is there somewhere I can find this information ? If not, is it possible to learn a bit more about that ? Is it non-profit ?

Hi @bisam ,

I’m glad you’re loving the platform! There’s no “real” company behind LC, at least not yet. I started LC originally as a weekend hobby project, and I never expected it to come this far. Feel free to ask me questions, and I’ll try to get to them as soon as I can. I’m currently in my final months of coding boot camp so I might reply a bit late.

Hi, thanks for your answer. And since I’m free to ask you questions, please feel free to reply when you want, no hurry.

I asked you this question because this site is great, I got some ideas of how I could help, what I could do, etc. But I’m allergic to anything that is not for sure non-profit. So reading your answer, I think that right now, you don’t know if you want to make some money with it or not. Even if I would say “don’t !”, it’s your decision and I can imagine that you need time to decide.

But I think that you need to decide at one point. I saw some efforts to open source the code, that’s great, I would be happy to help (I can’t do anything about Django migrations, it’s too hard but testing and writing docstring, why not). But I don’t want to work for a potential company.

If we imagine that LangCorrect become something clearly non-profit, well … in the best case people could try to give you money to create a specific functionality but I think it won’t allow you to earn enough like a job. And, given the result, I think you spend A LOT of time on this and I don’t have anything more to give you than my thanks and my time. So it’s not so simple I guess. Of course, you can answer “maybe” but I will hear “yes” …

So my new question is : is that possible that one day LangCorrect become something that makes money ? As I said, there is no need to answer it quickly. There is no need to answer it in fact. But if you can, I prefer that you take your time, just think about it if possible.