Is there a way to change the account native languages?

I am a French native speaker studying Japanese, I also understand English enough to work in an English speaking environment, but I’m not native and not actively studying it.
I initially kind of lied in the settings by marking English as Native Language, because I assumed most Japanese natives would be studying English, and I wanted to make it clear they can interact in English and ignore the less frequent French language, but I’m not proficient enough in English to feel confident giving corrections.

Now that I understand better how Langcorrect works, I think I should have marked “studying English” with the maximum non-native level, as it would be clearer for people, and the interface would stop sending me English texts to correct. Unfortunately, it is not possible to delete the Native settings “unless you contact support”, and it is not clearly indicated where I should “contact support”.

What should I do if I wanted to correct my settings? (Ideally without deleting this account XD)

Hi @ignis,

Fixed – I have set it to proficient. Feel free to change the level as desired. Thanks for the feedback as well. I’ll create a ticket to make it more clear in the future.

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