LangCorrect Correction Type

When we make corrections, we have the option of selecting one or more of the following: Spelling, Grammar, Usage, and Stylistic.

The first two are pretty self-explanatory but I’m not quite sure when to also select the last two. Examples would be great because I want to give people the most accurate and helpful feedback.

I use “usage” when correcting something that isn’t grammatically wrong, but no native would say. I use it also for things that sound unnatural, even if they’re understandable.

“Style” is when something is correct, but could be expressed better. I also use it to correct punctuation.


I click “usage” when I exchange words, e.g. when a word or expression but might not be the right one for this context. So far, I haven’t used “style” yet, but I would click it for example if someone would write colloquially in a formal text.