LangCorrect GIF

Hi! I have recently learned how to make GIFs and the inspiration has been hitting me like CRAZY. I’ve started making GIFs left and right about everything and anything :laughing:

I thought it would be nice to have some GIF about LC too, so I started with those three. They are available on Instagram by searching for #Langcorrect. They are also available on Facebook but I’m not a Facebook person so I’m not sure how it works over there.

Anyway, if you also want to add to the LangCorrect GIF collection, feel free to add yours here :slight_smile:


These are so awesome Mika! If you have some time, can you make one about streaks as well? :joy:

Thanks Masemune :blush: I’m planning to work on the streaks next, yes! My idea is to make different kind of awards for the number of days, texts and corrections done. Either awards or words like “super corrector”, “writer of the week/month”, “overachiever”, etc.

If you or anyone else has any ideas for the texts, go for it! I have got much inspiration for drawing but not much for thinking about funny words or sentences.

Here are the new GIFs:

These are amazing, Mika! May I use some for the IG (with credit to you, of course)? It won’t let me use it in GIF form but I can use screengrabs!

Of course you can use them, it’s up for grabs for everyone :slight_smile: and no need to credit me!

However, I wonder why you can’t use them as GIF on IG? Did you search for them under “Langcorrect”?

Edit: I checked it myself and indeed, they don’t appear in the GIF search. In fact, NONE of my 80 GIF appear. So there must be a problem. I will write to their customer service.

Edit: my account is back on GIPHY so normally everyone should be able to see my gifs on IG, FB and Snapchat.