LangCorrect Web

This release will roll out on 11/16/2021 PST

Release has been pushed back a little bit until we finish writing support articles. Additional changes have been added including a CMS.

I figured I’d start things off here by reiterating that our web client is still a work in progress. There’s bound to be some issues especially considering that the upcoming V3 is a minimum viable product (MVP). V3 differs drastically in a lot of ways compared to the previous versions, but keeps the core functionality the same. This initial release will not be 100% responsive on mobile devices.

LangCorrect Web 3.0.0-Beta1


  • A ratio bar that will keep track of your contributions (corrections made / corrections received) and account warnings. Failure to increase your ratio while warned will result in loss of posting privileges. Posting privileges will be reinstated automatically once you reach the minimum ratio requirement (TBD). While we hope that our wonderful users will strive to keep a ratio of 1.0, we know that it’s not possible for some languages due to the small community. So we also included a whitelist to combat this and not punish users unnecessarily. This is still in testing phase, so account warnings will just be a visual reminder.

  • Profile has been redesigned and a new contribution heatmap has been added. Counted contributions are: Journals created, and sentences corrected. For example, if you were to correct 2 sentences and mark 1 sentence as perfect, then your contribution would increase by +3.

  • The two journal modes (Teach, Learn) were split into separate pages. Learn will now only show journals that have received corrections.

  • Two new journal badges: language match and you have already corrected this.

  • Journals will now have their own individual skill level that will be set automatically at the time of publishing. The value it will be set to will be the skill level that is displayed in your profile.

  • Prompts were completely revamped. You can now up-vote prompts that you like, add tags to prompts, and group prompts under challenges. Challenges can be created with member roles of Moderator or higher. However, if you are feeling creative and would like to create a challenge, then let us know and we will grant you access. Please do note that if you are creating a 30 day challenges, then you will need to create a challenge for each day.

  • A fully decked out CMS similar to WordPress and Blogger, where you’'ll be able to write blogs. There are no restrictions to languages here, so you can blog

  • A CMS similar to WordPress & Blogger where you’ll be able to write blogs in any language (including your native language(s). We’re also going to be using this to write support articles and guides on how to use LangCorrect. If you’re interested in writing educational content feel free to let us know and we can work out some monetary benefit. Get in touch

  • A new ticketing system


  • First and last names are no longer restricted to just the alphabet.

  • Comment notifications not being created if a user only posts a comment.

  • Revamped Streaks and changed the server time from PST to UTC. Current server time will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

  • When editing a prompt, the original prompt language will now be added if your languages have changed since then.

  • Premium Journals will now only get filtered to the top of their respective published date, instead of being filtered to the very top.


  • Email notifications (excluding verification emails) were removed. You will no longer receive weekly digests, or notifications for new messages or corrections received.

  • Function to add or delete images from a journal once published has been removed.

  • Pagination and Sorting were removed in an effort to promote ease of use. Pagination now has a global default of 50, and you can view posts from friends via the sidebar.




  • Added a target language and notes divider in journals


  • Adjusted the create journal layout so that the labels do not overlap the the drop-downs when resizing the window.

  • Fixed my journals not sorting dates properly.

  • Fixed the target language label in create post from not being translatable

  • Fixed journal cards not rendering properly

  • Fixed a visual issue where the premium icon is showing on every post even if the user is not a premium member

  • Fixed an issue where new users could not make corrections

  • Fixed an issue with tags not saving to drafts

  • Fixed issue with accented text not rendering properly in make a correction page

  • Fixed another visual issue where the premium icon was appearing on every correction card

  • Fixed an issue with additional nbsp being saved to the database. Rows with just nbsp should no longer appear in the make a correction page as well.



  • Fixed an issue with exporting corrections as PDF


  • You can now show or hide the notes or native text when creating a journal. You will need to visit your account settings, click on preferences, and select the desired option.


This release I switched over to Bootstrap SCSS. There’s quite a number of changes made to the stylesheets and templates, so if I forgot to update something, let me know! Report bugs here. This release should also have fixed some users being unable to mark sentences as perfect or correct.


  • Added a completely new navigation with hover-able menus. Unread notification counts will be next to the notification bell now instead of being in the corner. The Messenger icon has been temporarily removed until the redesigned version is out.
  • Added a fully scroll-able Journal overview modal when making corrections. In addition to this, you will also be able to glance other information about the user such as their languages, and in an upcoming update, their learning goals and objectives.
  • (Alpha) Community driven challenges has been implemented. It’s similar to our 30 day writing challenges that we have on our forums, but integrated into this platform. All prompts will be grouped by challenge, and everyone will be able to view and make responses quickly. So far only member roles with moderator or above are allowed to create challenges. Everyone will be available to make challenges once we get it out of alpha.
  • Added a convenient link to the changelog via the footer


  • Prompt tags were removed from the footer, and added into the body of the card.
  • Due to certain technical limitations, the premium icons found in journal cards will no longer have the circle behind it. Instead, it will just be the golden crown. In a future update, this will apply to all areas where the premium and correction ratio icons are shown.
  • The black tool-tip icon has changed to match with our brand color: #6174dd.
  • Due to inconsistencies with how users are formatting their notes with the new rich text, the journal note section has been changed into a clickable accordion.
  • Rich text has been removed from the target language textarea.
  • The button to export corrections when viewing a journal has moved. It will now be next to the correction card header. In addition to this, clicking on it will open up a new modal explaining the options as well as download buttons.
  • The You’ve already correct this badge was changed into something more subtle.
  • The you’ve already corrected this badge was changed to be more subtle.
  • The following & follower pages have been redesigned. You will also no longer be able to directly unfollow someone from this page, but instead will have to visit their profile or journal to do so.


  • Locally hosted static files and scripts, so the site will load properly if external services such as google are blocked in your country or environment.
  • Implemented a proper staticfile system so you will no longer have to manually clear your browser cache.
  • Fixed a typo in the registration page.
  • Fixed the global stats not populating in the sidebar when viewing my prompts.
  • Fixed the response counts and upvote button when viewing your submitted prompts.
  • (Mobile) The correction tabs are now responsive when viewing journals.
  • Fixed an issue with the Stripe script not loading when the payment button is clicked leading to a server error.
  • Moved the terms of service, community guidelines, and privacy policy to our CMS. Took this opportunity to update the terms of service as well.
  • Recompiled the site translations bringing most of them down to 52% translated.


  • Removed the paypal donation link in the footer.


  • (Premium) A new dark theme that even the bat would appreciate.

(source: The Dark Knight, 10 years later - Polygon)




  • Grouped corrections has a new look. It’s more condensed and now also includes the correction types. It’s also mobile friendly!


  • Added back the missing heading colors when switching to SCSS.
  • Added the missing About me section when browsing a profile.
  • Fixed the correction count from showing 0 when doing subsequent queries. New template tag added → new exciting features incoming!
  • Fixed an issue with a Journal not updating due to the removed target language rich text.
  • Fixed the my corrections made page from crashing
  • Various improvements to the styling styling and code cleanup.



  • Exporting corrections as a PDF has a new minimal style. Also included a convenient summary section as well.
  • See some interesting corrections on a learner’s journal? Export it! Exporting corrections is no longer restricted to just your own journals.


  • Fixed an issue with the upper-intermediate skill bar from not rendering properly
  • Fixed the follow button in profile and switched it to use htmx.
  • Various code improvements
  • Fixed navbar collapse on mobile devices.
  • Profiles are now responsive for mobile screens. It will be polished even further in a future update.
  • Updated query to get the proper uncorrected journal counts


  • (Temporarily) Removed the Message button from profiles. It will be added back to the navigation menu and profile when the redesigned Messenger is out. You will still be able to view your past messages if you use this direct link - Messenger. Please note you will not receive notifications for new messages until the redesign is out!



  • Added participant counts for challenges
  • New moderator tool to convert prompts to journals
  • Added and grouped past challenges together
  • Various visual improvements to challenges



  • (Mobile) Hid the top navigation & announcement
  • (Mobile) Hid the member role item from the ratio bar
  • (Mobile) Teach and Learn pages are now responsive on phones and tablets
  • (Mobile) Fixed the notification box from rendering off to the side. However, I will need to make this into a right stickied sidebar modal in order to make it fully responsive and intuitive to use.
  • Added more vertical padding to Profile dropdown to make it easier to click.
  • Fixed the inconsistent page margins and wrapped the content block with main tags.
  • Changed the correction ratio icon in the profile sidebar.


  • My profile menu item has been removed. Instead you can click on the header to be taken to your profile or your username in the ratio bar.




  • In order to make it responsive on mobile, notifications will now be displayed in a modal.
  • Added brand color to new notifications to make it stand out more.



  • (Premium) You can now turn on email notifications for new corrections via account settings.



  • Added post language to Journals that were missing them → viewing these Journals will not cause a server error anymore.
  • You will no longer be able to follow yourself.
  • Fixed an AttributeError when viewing reports


In Progress

  • Recreate Dark Mode using SCSS. (~65% complete)
  • Add edit and delete to replies (~75% complete)
  • Messenger (~40% complete)

To Do

  • (Mobile) Clear all notifications on button open
  • Change PDF template



  • Added additional logic to not show new journal notifications for journals you do not have permission to view.



  • Simplified and Traditional Chinese were added as language options → Looking for volunteers to translate


  • Unused URLs



  • Fixed a bug where new js cache files were created on every request



  • Added backend validation to require post language



  • Fixed misalignment in profile pages



  • Added Twitter and Open Graph meta tags



  • (PDF) Notes and native text has been added.
  • Filter by author native language.


  • (PDF) Added some spacing to correction rows if no correction note is present.
  • Setting site language will now work properly


  • (PDF) Summary section has been removed.



  • Slight Teach page loading improvements