Language selection feedback/suggestion

Hi, I wanted to suggest what I think would be an improvement to the language selection in the Settings.
I am an Italian native speaker studying japanese, I also understand english well enough to be able to communicate with others, although I’m not actively studying it.
My concern was that I would post something in japanese and I would have smaller chances for a native correcting it to comment on my post after they would notice my native language is not one they’re studying or engaged with.
Therefore since I assume is likely japanese natives are studying english, I would like to let them know they can speak in english to me no problems, I will understand them.
To achieve that I kind of lied in the settings by marking English as Native Language, but I’m not proficient enough with it to feel confident in giving others corrections, so the fact I receive corrections to my japanese from them and then I don’t reciprocate in English which they think is my native language, would definitely make me look bad xD

So I think would be nice if there was some built in way to communicate to them they can reply in english as well, Maybe a new field called “Second Language” which is different from me putting English under the languages I’m studying, since honestly I’m not :S

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Interesting thoughts.
I can’t speak for others, but I don’t really mind correcting people who don’t speak a language I’m interested in learning.

Though I do prefer e.g. Spanish or English speakers who are learning German (because I’m trying to speak Spanish and can more easily pick up what they meant to say as opposed to people who speak a completely foreign language). Same with Germans trying to learn English - knowing the language of origin helps understand their mistakes.

That notwithstanding I’ll happily correct entries from speakers of other languages. In the last months I’ve corrected entries from Portugues, French, Thai, Arabic, Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese speakers :slight_smile:


Definitely an interesting thought. I don’t think the community is large enough to warrant your proposed secondary language. I also agree with @diggn. I don’t mind correcting speakers who speak a language that I am not studying.

LangCorrect has a ratio watch system and that pretty much forces people to make corrections in order to be able to write a journal. So if a native speaker is below the required ratio (iirc 0.65%) and if there are uncorrected journals in their native language, then they’re pretty much prohibited from posting a journal until the journals get corrected or until the min required ratio is reached. If there are no uncorrected journals, then posting is allowed even if a user is below the required ratio.

I don’t really have that much free time to work on LC, since I am studying and job hunting atm. But it would be a nice idea to at least lay down the potential groundwork for this kind of feature once I or someone else works on the dialect system. But still the community isn’t large enough to warrant the time investment in order to implement this.

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