Miriam's Language Log

The April writing challenge here on Langcorrect was just what I needed right now to get back into language learning. I’m following the daily prompts and write in French and Spanish. I’m also doing the 30 Days Speaking Challenge by Jonathan Huggins. There I do daily recordings in Korean and Japanese. I practice easy Korean sentences and talk in Japanese about my Korean learning process.

My main resources at the moment are the podcast “Talk to me in Korean” and the Korean course of Mango Languages.

I intend to write irregular additional posts about things I stumble on during my language study and post them together with pictures on my Instagram account. I already prepared two new pictures but haven’t gotten around to writing accompanying posts yet:

  1. About h aspiré and h muet. When I wrote my French post for 2nd of April I wrote “l’héros” but the grammar checker website scribens.fr changed it to “le héros”. This made me dive into the topic of silent and aspirated h in French.

  2. When doing the Korean recording for the 2nd of April I used the verb 마셔요 (I drink) and realised that it sounds quite similar to 맛있어요 (it’s tasty).

Since French is my main target language, I’ll probably write in French about these things but I’m not 100% sure yet.


How do you like Jon Huggins Speaking Challenge?

It’s awesome! Jonathan really puts a lot of work into it and provides daily prompts and encouragement. It’s possible to take part via a Facebook group but also via Google docs (posting links to one’s recordings). It’s a very safe place for serious language learners. One of my favourite challenges and communities.


I did it once a couple years ago and quite enjoyed it. I try to record myself speaking and send it to a Hindi group but they don’t always correct or do anything.

I will have to try the speaking challenge next month I think. I don’t think we will do a challenge here, we will give everyone a month off. Then I’ll make a challenge again for June after I receive some feedback from everyone about how it went and what they want to see in future challenges!

Yeah, organising a challenge is a lot of work. But you’re doing great! I recommended this challenge to friends.

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Thank you so much!!!