Missing bits in the German localisation

How would I go about adding German text for bits that are currently missing (still in English) in the German Web-UI?

@masemune :slight_smile:

@diggn Thanks for volunteering! You should be able to access the translation files now → there will be a menu item called “Translate UI” when you click on your avatar (the same place you would click to log out).

There are 7 fuzzy strings, so those might be the ones that are not showing up. If it’s not on there, can you send me some screenshots and I’ll make those strings translatable.

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Will update you on the situation (progress or not). Am I also encouraged to make alterations? I don’t believe that the German word “Journal” quite expresses what this is, “Tagebucheintrag” would be more appropriate - though I appreciate that it’s rather lengthy and that “journal” keeps it aligned with e.g. English and French. :slight_smile:

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Alterations are totally fine!

Edit: I forgot to mention, please let me know if you contributed so I can give you the badge and credits~

Sure thing. Now - I’d actually prefer to edit the po file to using the rosetta web-interface, because I can quickly search for text and see how it was translated in other sections/elements … I have the option to download it - but is there a way to upload as well?

The repository is currently private, so you would need to send an email attachment over to support@langcorrect.com.

In the future it will be made public, so contributing will be a lot easier. I still need to decouple some settings, add documentations, and re-create the repo (since commit history shows some secret keys). No eta at the moment.

Would really love some help if you’re comfortable working with Django/Python ^^

I have dabbled in python a bit (I’m a sysadmin/system programmer), but nothing major and not w/ Django at this stage. Happy to take this off-line (email?) … you have my details :wink:

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