Option to Show Correction Ratio for Premium Users

Can you make it optional for Premium users to have their correction ratios hidden on their summary page. I try to make more corrections than I receive. I also like to support websites that I use but these 2 options seem to contradict each other because other users won’t know if I actually make corrections or if I just paid to not have to make corrections.

This is a perfect example. I doubt this user needs/ wants their contribution ratio hidden

Hi @chris_t,

Thanks for the feedback. There will be no more updates to the current client as it will be completely replaced in the next major release. I’ll give it some thought after the core functionality is released, but I don’t see why not.

if I just paid to not have to make corrections

And would this be such a terrible thing? I’d personally be more inclined to help correct premium supporters because they’re the ones who help keep the servers running and free to use.

No i guess not