Preview before submitting for corrections

Is it possible to have a preview of what you have written in a similar format to how it would be seen when it is submitted?

I read through what I have written before I submit it, however, I always notice, once submitted, I have made a mistake either in the target language or the native language (sometimes both). I seem to be able to pick the mistakes up better in the submitted format, hence, would it be possible to have a preview of the submitted format which will then allow changes to be made, before it is finally submitted?

I don’t know how easy/hard this would be to do, but just a thought for the future.

Are you asking about the appearance of the entire post or how the sentences will appear after being split?

The appearance of the post.

  1. So when writing it out it looks like this:

    (Please ignore the red squiggles, computer language is set wrong)
  1. And when submitted for corrections it looks like this:

In 2, it is easier to spot the mistakes (I don’t know why), so was thinking that an intermediate stage where you could preview what it will look like when it is 2, then go back and make changes (if needed) on 1, then preview again before submitting.

Or something like this set up:

I hope that makes sense. Like I say, just an idea, I don’t know the complexities of programming things like this.

Also, sorry for the disjointed posts, I wasn’t allowed to post more than one picture at the same time.