Prompt Filter Suggestion

When you click on the prompt list, I noticed that you can filter by language, but not by the language level of the prompt (unless if I’m missing something!). I thought it might be cool to have this filter as well, so people would have an easier time finding prompts appropriate to their language level. :slight_smile:

Also, one other interesting feature I thought of would be if there was a generator to pick a prompt out for you. There’s so many to look through, so maybe having a generator option would also take a little stress off of picking a prompt! :slight_smile:

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Like a random generator? That could be interesting!

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Yea, that’s exactly what I was thinking! That way, it would be easier picking a prompt, considering that there are so many to choose from :slight_smile:

I think being able to tag prompts and filter them by tag would also be helpful! That way, I can focus on prompts that might interest me, instead of going through the prompts page by page.


I’m working on the new prompt right now. I have some rough designs posted on the LC discord server. These are some wonderful suggestions and I’ll see what we can do about getting them in V3.

Mystery Prompt - We actually used to have something like this way way back, where every time you loaded the create a journal page, a random prompt would be loaded into the text-field placeholder. Personally, I also wanted to get this function back at some point, and seeing you mention that… now’s the perfect time to do so.

I have to play around with it more, but the mystery prompt might be better suited somewhere in the create a journal page instead of the new prompt pages.

Skill Level Filter - Honestly I was kind of thinking of removing the prompt skill levels (and maybe bring it back in the future). Since we don’t have any tracking set up to see how often users filter by difficult, I’ll have to query the database to see what % of the prompts have a difficulty level set. If it’s low, it might just be better retiring it. As the prompt list grows, we could always add it back, or replace it with a better system.

I’m going to sit on this for a few days. Let me know your thoughts.

Tagging - Would be super epic. I might take a page from my beloved StackOverflow and have a “following tags (watched tags)” sidebar, that would show the prompts you are interested in. I’ll have to do some research into the complexity of implementing something like this, but if it doesn’t take long, I’ll get this released in the initial v3 launch. Otherwise it will be in a future v3.x update.

I also really :heart: @jacquemari’s writing challenge idea. I’m thinking of adding 3 shortcut links (yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s prompt) maybe in the sidebar of the prompt page.


I want to shuffle the order of the prompts list to find my next target(prompt). (I’d like to pick up one from the list.)
How about a feature to sort the list of the prompts randomly?

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