Rankings page suggestions

I have several suggestions for the rankings page. The aim is to create motivation for users and improve the user experience.

  1. Include the user’s rank in his profile, so that people can see their rank as well as others. It is a great motivation to see oneself climb upward. It may be more motivating than streak.

  2. Include the information of the current user on the Rankings page. Currently, there are shown only the first 50 users, so I have no motivation for viewing that page. I would prefer having the leader board scrolled down to the current user’s position. Additionally, there would be three users from positions 1 to 3 for their glory above the leader board.

  3. You would be able to search by both position and nickname. The search could be positioned below the leader board.

  4. I suggest having three separate leaderboards—Overall, Written words, and Corrections. The menu could be above the leaderboard in a line or as a sidebar—left or right.
    The Overall leaderboard would basically be the current leaderboard.
    The Written words would position users according to the total number of written words in their journals. An alternative to this is Journals written leaderboard but that’s not as interesting in my opinion.
    The Corrections leaderboard would be a leaderboard sorted according to the number of corrections made.

  5. I would add a header to the leaderboard so that the information isn’t repeated in each cell.

  6. I would also make each line thinner so that the leaderboard fits on the screen. It would decrease the required concentration of the user while viewing the leaderboard. It would also decrease scrolling needed. See the rough sketch below: