Seeking volunteers to help open source LangCorrect

I would like your help to make LangCorrect open source as soon as possible.

I’m currently looking for experienced Django developers or a PostgreSQL expert. I’m slowly migrating over the code base from the old project into a new one that was created with django-cookiecutter. There’s quite a few model changes (fields renamed, tables moved, etc) between both versions, so someone with the technical know-how to make the migrations successful would help me out a lot!

Once the back-end has the essential functionality implemented, I would love to have some front-end developers to help bring the bedazzle to LC, and make it responsive.

If there’s other ways you would love to help out please let me know!

Let’s make LC even better :heart:

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Good morning/afternoon/evening,

I stumbled across your project whilst doing some research to see if a project I was going to build was already out there; Langcorrect is very similar to what I had in mind and is a great website. I saw your post looking for help and whilst I can’t help much with the backend as it’s not a stack I have worked with before, I can be of use on the frontend when it comes to that side of things if you are still looking for someone. Would love to help out if you like with that side of things. - Alfred

I don’t have the specific experience you’re looking for, but I am a dev and would be interested in taking a look anyway :slight_smile: feel free to ping/email me if an opportunity arises.

Hi there,

I’m a SRE/DevOps Engineer so I guess I could give a hand on something. If you have more info or requirements I’d be happy to help.


Developer here! No experience with Django but experience with React/TypeScript.

Hey there, I’ve worked with Django at my last job, and would be happy to help out if you need. Feel free to send me a message

Hey, I’m a current CS student familiar with Django and PostgreSQL. I’m by no means an expert but would love to help out with any engineering. Happy to just go fix bugs for example. Lmk if I can help!

Hello! I have some experience with Django and Postgres as well, would love to help out.

Hi there @masemune , I don’t know how many cycles I have to assist in your project, but am curious to know where it’s at.

When it comes to migration of a project, there are a bunch of things to keep in mind. Probably my number one requirement for a good tech project is a good set of automated feature tests, and then unit tests after that. Do you have such a thing? After a brief search, it seems that “behave” is a good framework (I don’t know, no experience :slight_smile: - here’s a link: Setting Up a BDD Stack on a Django Application - Semaphore

Then, for database management, how are you managing db changes? Django has migrations, I hope you’re using them (Migrations | Django documentation | Django), or perhaps some other tool. I’ve written a few db management tools as well, but using something more standard is always better.

Re " I would like your help to make LangCorrect open source as soon as possible." - you could just start a repo on GitHub :slight_smile: – even if it’s a mess. Sometimes that’s the best way to get started. Cheers! jz

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@potentialfrontendguy @hyperionsol @danp @jsjoeio @yoxecix978 @david @jzohrab

Sorry for the late response! I’m still in the final month and a half of my coding boot camp. Would everyone be willing to join our discord server? It’ll be easier to communicate there. I will create a channel for it.

@jzohrab You’re absolutely right. The project is currently hosted on Gitlab and the only reason it has not been made public is that it has some sensitive keys VCed. Eventually, I will migrate the project over to the official LangCorrect GitHub repo and wipe the .git folder. That should hopefully be enough since from what I’ve read it’s hard to scrub commits.

The project as it stands is in a rough shape. Docstrings are missing, 41% of the codebase is tested, and there is quite some uglylicious code. I started working on LC when I was learning to code. (I’m still a Jr. dev though :P)

I’ve stripped out the paid theme and I’ve been slowly moving the templates to the project-level templates folder while refactoring forms, templates, and views.

We can talk about things in depth over a video call.

Only worry about docstrings if you have to, and if you have to, it’s possible that the code is too complicated.

Yep, the .git folder holds the whole commit history. If you do the following, it’s as if the code was brand new:

rm -rf .git
git init
git add .
git commit -m "Initial commit."

Scrubbing commits is annoying but doable, but you really have to purge the entire repo, and any existing forks will still have the old code.

Well you’ve accomplished a whole bunch!

I don’t think I’ll be able to participate in the project unfortunately, other than high-level guidance, but that’s super annoying for people who are really going to do the work. I already have my hands full with my own project(s), and don’t want to overload myself. :slight_smile: Sorry!

I don’t know anything about Discord so I ask a question here, as I understand, your major issues before realizing the code is :

  • sensitive data inside the repo
  • ugly code, missing tests, etc.

The first one is a real problem and I think that no one can help you about it ? But the second … well most of the projects I use contain ugly code (some are only ugly code). If it become open source it will be the responsibility of every contributor :slight_smile: