Site and journals fixed to one US (?) timezone (broke my streak from EU)

LangCorrect’s timezone seems to be set to something 9 hours behind European time. All journals get saved in that global timezone. And streaks calculated according to it. It does not show anywhere though.

I am on CET and found the timezone difference out the hard way:
I entered one journal at around 10pm CET. Streak added. I added the next journal at around 8am next morning. Happy for the day. Returned next day, streak gone. And I did not understand what went on.

I replicated it this morning and the site seems to be around 8 hours behind my timezone.

It would help to make this transparent first. Of course it would be best, if times were relative to anyone entering their stuff.

I have noticed this too (I post in Korea and if I post too early in the day, my posts are automatically marked as uploaded “yesterday”). I mentioned it in the Discord server as well. They are aware of this issue, and I hope that it gets fixed soon!

I also just lost my streak. I put dates on my entries and I should be on my 3rd day now. I posted today, May 26 9AM GMT+8 but the time stamp for the entry says May 25 6PM.

I’m now wondering how the streaks are calculated. Do we have to post another entry within 24hrs of the last entry? Or do we have until the midnight of the each day?

There is something broken with the coding, Site appears to be running on Eastern Standard Time. ETA for a fix appears to be about 2 months out (as time is needed to recode and test that it won’t destroy current streaks.

@maartijn I’m sorry to hear about your streak being broken. I can definitely fix it for you manually, granted that you have continued writing consecutively since it broke.

Server time is actually PST with timezone support enabled. I forgot where I mentioned it, but there’s a MR with a potential fix to this issue. As jacque mentioned, it’s going to take some time unfortunately. Current priority is v3 of the site, so everything else is on the back burner. I’ll try to squeeze this in with the initial v3 release.

Another cool thing @jacquemarie mentioned is having a daily reset timer.