Suggestion: Bonus correction point system

The original intention for this to come up in my mind is that I’m desperate for people to correct my journals, especially those who are willing to explain my mistakes with reasons as most of you may relate when expressing the same sentence in different language, there are a lot of cultural nuances that may affect the structure that may be widely different from what we have learnt.

So here’s my suggestion:
We can implement it as follows,
(1) Bonus correction points for reaching X threshold and reset in daily basis.
The way it works is basically self-explanatory, a corrector reaches a correction point threshold, then additional bonus point will be given to the corrector for the additional corrections made on that day as an incentive for correcting. This incentive should be large enough to encourage corrector to do corrections on already-corrected-journals - so corrected journals may benefit from more corrector(s) correcting their work.

(2) Bonus correction point given to corrector if journal author gives credit
So, in order to make it more positive, I propose that all journal creator can award a “star” to the corrector if he/she sees fit. The star then will award the corrector additional bonus point for that particular journal, this will hopefully foster corrector giving more elaborate explanation on the corrections made, instead of blitzing through the journals, which is why the incentive for this should be larger than method (1). OR the star can serve as a token for which it can be used by recipient to transform that “currency” into correction points to boost the ratio.

Initial idea was to cope with mere 1-2 corrections made on each journal, especially more in languages that are not as populated as in English. Originally I was thinking BP (bonus point) will be awarded to corrector if they correct a journal that’s already been corrected twice; but I fear it will discourage people from correcting the journal right away, and it would turn into a less healthy reciprocation system.

I understand that this may be a overly complicated system and I’m not even sure if this is doable. But I suggest this from a user standpoint, and of course, the intention to get better in foreign language.