[Suggestion] Regional tags for English native speakers or others (like Spanish, French, etc...)

Hi, I am currently leaning English and I feel like it will be helpful if I can recognize where the person who made a correction is from. Because I often see native speakers having a conversation like ‘Ah I don’t agree with you. Maybe it’s a regional thing?’ or something like that. I’m aiming at American English, so it is sometimes confusing.
I asked on the LangCorrect’s Discord server if there was any way I could figure out where they were originally from, and they said there was no way to figure it out now. Plus, one of the members who is French and learning Spanish said that the similar things happen to them sometimes.
As a person who is learning English, I believe that this feature is helpful. Thank you.


Hi @hal0987, thank you for sharing your thoughts on both the discord server as well as on the community forum. I already have the new language models in place. It will just take some time to update the codebase to use them. Please stay tuned for further updates :slight_smile:

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