Summer 2022 Language Challenge

Challenge will start on July 19th, 2022 and run until August 31st, 2022

It’s been a good minute since our last writing challenge, so lets ease back into it with a nice relaxed duration. To participate simply browse the prompts found in Summer 2022 Challenges and click on the pencil icon to write your response.

If you have a summer based prompt that you would like to add to the list, let us known in the comments below! Also feel free to talk about the challenge or your experienced down below!

I would also like to take a moment to thank @mari and @iamwalrus for taking their time to come up with prompts for this writing challenge!


If you haven’t already, please create a language log and keep track of your submissions in a singular post there. After you have received your corrections, write a summary explaining the happy little accidents you have made and what you can do to not repeat them!

“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” - Bob Ross



Prompt suggestion

Summer is all about summer blockbusters! Did you get to see a movie or two this summer? Tell us all about it! If you haven’t seen a movie yet, which one would you like to see and why?

Oooo I like this prompt!

I actually started watching the entire James Bond filmography starting with Dr. No (1962). I’m currently halfway through Goldfinger (1964). It’s pretty interesting to see how special effects were done back then!

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Wow, I had new releases in mind but this works, too! :grinning:

More Prompt Suggestions

  • Do you have a favorite summer flower? Did you plant anything for the summer this year? Does your target language’s country or countries have popular summer flowers?

  • Did you visit a water park this summer? Did you go swimming in a lake, pool, or ocean? How was it? Does a country of your target language have popular water activities during the summer?

  • Do you have a pet or do you see someone’s pet regularly? How are they coping with the summer heat? Better or worse than you are? Do you know how pets are coping in a country of your target language(s)?

  • Did you spend most of the summer inside gaming to beat the heat? What did you play? Was it multiplayer or solo? If you didn’t, does a country of your target language(s) have any popular gaming activities during the summer?

  • Did you play any tabletop games this summer? If so, which ones?

  • Did you get hail in your area this summer? What was it like? If you didn’t, does a country or countries of your target language(s) get hail during the summer?

  • Did you meet with other language learners of your target language(s) this summer? Online or in person? What was it like?

  • What outdoor activities did you do this summer? Did you bike, play in a park, have picnics?

  • Does your area have a State Fair, County Fair or some such festival during the summer? What’s it like? Or you going again this summer or have you already gone to it this summer?

  • Does it feel like you ran the air conditioner a lot this summer? If you don’t have air conditioning, how do you keep cool?

  • Did you meet with anyone who lives in a country of your target language(s) this summer? Online or in-person?

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Prompt Suggestions, Part 3

  • Did you move this summer or did you help someone move?

  • Did you start a new project this summer?

  • Did you attend a summer protest this year?

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Hi, @everyone ! Sora and I went over the numbers together and we have results for Summer Challenge 2022 .

First, here are the prizes.

1st Place - 1 month premium
2nd Place - 2 weeks premium
3rd Place - 1 week premium

There will be badges eventually but they’ll take some time. It will most likely happen in a new update.

Now for the numbers.

179 Total Number of Posts
44 Number of Days in Challenge
4 Average Number of Posts per Day
64 Total Number of Contributors

Languages with Most Posts
3rd Place: 32 Spanish
2nd Place: 54 English
1st Place: 55 Japanese

Special Mention

Person who Posted in More than One Language
Monsieur_Elephant: Spanish and Russian

Most Number of Posts in a Single Day
naho2863: 14 Posts on August 31, English

Longest Writing Streak
mari: 44 days in a row, Japanese

And now, for the winners.

Most Contributions
3rd Place coolsindy, 8 Spanish
2nd Place: naho2863, 32 English
1st Place: mari, 44 Japanese

Thank you to all who participated! We’ll do this again next year! :partying_face: