Tab order in the web-interface (PC), consistency of buttons present & focus


A few more small niggles :slight_smile:

  • Focus: it would be nice if I didn’t have to Click into the text-field when I pick reply from the Answer (or TAB multiple times)

  • Consistent buttons - when someone replies to a correction I can either:

    • Go to the Reply entry field, which only has a send button
    • Click “reply” inside the message, which gives me a “quote” and two buttons, Cancel and Send
      Can we have Cancel & Send in both places?
  • TAB order (this kind of goes with the point above): make it so that one TAB+Enter leads to the same behaviour in either case above, not “send” in one, and “cancel” in the other.

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This is a really nice quality of life (QoL) improvement. There will potentially be a slight delay in getting the textarea focused, because we will essentially have to wait for the bootstrap modal fade effect to finish. I am not sure how long it will take, but I’ll try getting it as close to instant as possible… 500ms should hopefully do the trick.

Do you mean adding a cancel button here?

In the modal, the cancel button has two functions:

  1. Reset the form
  2. Close the modal

If we add a cancel button next to send button, it would essentially only act as a reset button. They won’t necessarily have the same name, but both of the buttons would be having the same functionality of resetting the form. With the proposed focused suggestion, it will take 1 tab to cancel/reset, and 2 tabs to send.

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Hello again:
As for #1 … I can live with 500 ms :wink:

As for #2: that’s what I had in mind. I can’t speak to the actual implications, I don’t know the code-base. Think of me as a picky UX guy :smiley:

I also merged the WIP for this as well. So far only the auto focus was implemented and I haven’t really had a chance to work on the button consistency. Not sure when I’ll get to it though. At least it’s a small QoL improvement!

You might need to clear your browser cache if the auto focus isn’t working.

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Loving the focus feature - sooooo good! :smiley:

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