Target Language / Native Language Field Doesn't Work on iPads

I tried to post a journal on my iPad but for some reason, I couldn’t fill in the Target Language and Native Language fields. Usually on my computer or my phone, those fields autofill with some defaults and I can select them. But on iPad, this doesn’t happen.

Just some additional questions, before I look into this issue: Is this happening on the Safari browser on your ipad? Does it work correctly, if you were to use an alternative browser like chrome? What browser are you using on your phone?

Edit: Issue should be resolved now. Please give it a try~

Hi, thanks for taking a look at this!

I just tried in Safari, and the issue is still there. Here’s a screenshot demonstrating the issue:

The options appear but when I try and select any of them, the field doesn’t update.

If it helps, my phone is an iPhone and it doesn’t have this issue across multiple browsers, including Safari. Only my iPad has this issue.

EDIT: Refreshed, cleared my local cache and it works for the Target Language field but not the Native Version field. Updated my screenshot.

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Well look into the native language drop-down soon. I might have forgotten to update the code for that. Glad I got the target language drop-down working. Such a peculiar issue lol :sweat_smile:

Great, thanks for the update!

Fix released. Let me know if it works, so that I can mark this as resolved and close this thread.

Yes, it is working now!

I’ve made one more small change. Can you please re-verify that it’s working?


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Yes, it’s still working for me. Thanks!

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