V3 Beta Bug Report

First try clearing your browser cache before reporting an issue. For instructions on how to do so, following this awesome tutorial written by the folks from The University of Iowa: How to Clear the Cache and Cookies in Your Web Browser | Information Technology Services. (Screenshots are included)

The beta has finally been released. There’s bound to be issues, so please use this topic to report them.

Known Issues:

  • Teach page is loading slow

  • Teach page is 502ing (Temporarily disabled the new queryset that filters premium Journals to the top of the publish date)

  • Journal drafts not saving if no language is selected in the drop-down (Only applies to users who have more than one studying language).

  • Unable to edit or delete replies in the reply section

  • Messenger sockets are down atm, so you’ll need to refresh to see your newly sent messages.

Please use the following template to report them:


**Source URL:**

**Steps to reproduce:**

**Expected vs. actual results:**


And here’s an example using this template:

Description: It’s taking X seconds to load the teach page.

Source URL: https://langcorrect.com/journal/teach/

Steps to reproduce: Simply visit this page

Expected vs. actual results: In V2 it loaded in less than 1 second, but now it’s loading in X seconds.

Optional: N/A

Description: Cannot make corrections on journals.

Source URL: Sign in · LangCorrect

Steps to reproduce: Open a journal, click the button to make a correction, and then click “Correct This” on a given sentence.

Expected vs. Actual Results: I expect to see a text box that lets me edit the sentence to make a correction. Instead, nothing happens.

Does this issue happen if you clear your browser cache or try correcting a journal in incognito?

Hi, here are the bugs I’ve discovered so far (I was trying to correct people so I haven’t checked the writing features so far)

— The site is overall slower than before (I didn’t calculate it to the millisecond, but I’d say all pages overall 2-3 seconds more to load)

— The correction interface of some pages doesn’t display accents correctly (for instance here https://langcorrect.com/journal/arabe/correction/ j’ai commencé à is displayed as “J’ai coomenc&eacute ; &agrave”, which oddly seems not to be the case on other pages, like this one https://langcorrect.com/journal/texte-trois-sur-ce-cite/correction/

— This is by far the most important issue: on Opera, I’m now totally unable to correct something. Clicking the “X Correct” button just doesn’t do anything. I’m able to do it on Chrome, but with this latter browser, I can’t mark something correct or discard a correction! This is a problem I have with ALL pages.
EDIT: By clearing browser history, I’m now able to correct with Opera but now it’s like on Chrome, I’m still unable to discard a correction and mark something correct…

I’m not sure what you meant by “steps to reproduce”, as I’m still unsure if the problem comes from me, browsers or the site itself.

I’ll let you know if I stumble upon some other problems

Nice catch! That latter post was published before the update was released which is why the accents are showing up properly. We introduced rich text so it seems that the accents are getting sanitized unintentionally.

Edit: the accents should be rendering correctly now.

Just to clarify are both of those two buttons (mark as perfect and discard button) not working when you try browsing the site on Chrome incognito or on Firefox private browsing? If it’s working on both of these in these two modes, you might need to clear you data (and not just history). Are you also on the latest builds for those browsers?

Clearing my cache fixed the issue, thanks! I am using Firefox, by the way.

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Description: some spaces and quotation marks are not displaying correctly on the “teach page” and “correction page.”

Optional:(2 screenshots)

teach page:

correction page:

#1. Description: “new journal page” has overlapping text

Source URL: langcorrect.com/journal/new/0

Steps to reproduce: create a new journal, adjust the browser window width

Expected vs. actual results: I expect there is no overlapping text but there is.

Optional:( screenshot)

Description: cannot open my latest journal

Source URL: Lisawong's profile · LangCorrect

Steps to reproduce: go to “langcorrect.com/account/user/lesleywong/journals/”, click my latest journal ( title: 11/09), then it automatically goes to “langcorrect.com/journal/post/1109/

Expected vs. actual results: I expect that after clicking my latest journal, I can see the journal I wrote. But instead, I saw a journal which was entitled “Should one totally stop drinking alcohol?” and written by the user “pico51.”

Description: “sort by date” function on “my journals page” doesn’t work properly

Source URL: langcorrect.com/account/my_journals/

Steps to reproduce: click the “sorting icons( ↓/ ↑)” on "my journals page"to sort all journals by date.

Expected vs. actual results: I expect that after clicking
“↓/ ↑”, all journals will be sorted by date in descending/ascending order, but they are not sorted correctly.

Description: reply below the journal cannot be deleted or edited

Source URL: 日记11/8 · LangCorrect

Steps to reproduce: I wrote a reply and sent it

Expected vs. actual results: I expect that replies below journals can be edited or deleted, but it seems that there is no “edit button” or “delete button”.

Description: Cannot correct journal (ServerError 500)

Source URL:

Steps to reproduce: Try to submit a correction

Expected vs. actual results: Successfully submitted vs. ServerError500

Optional: Tried both Safari and Chrome

It should work now. Please let me know.

Thank you for all of the bug reports! I’m still working on 2 and 4. Can you let me know a little more about 2. Did it happen right after you published the journal, or did you continue a draft and then published it?

It happened right after I published the journal. I found that the correct URL of my lastest journal is
langcorrect.com/journal/1109/” ( no “/post” ). However, if I clicked my latest journal on “my journals” page, it goes to “langcorrect.com/journal/post/1109/”.

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I checked the v3.0.1 released announcement, but it seems that some issues mentioned in the “fixes” section are still happening.

Description: It seems that spaces and quotation marks are showing properly now, but sometimes when breaking a journal into sentences, spaces are treated as a sentence.

Source URL: langcorrect.com/journal/日记118/correction/

Description: premium icon is still showing even if the user is not a premium member.

Steps to reproduce: click any journal, you will see that a premium icon is showing beside every corrector’s username.

Just to clarify are both of those two buttons (mark as perfect and discard button) not working when you try browsing the site on Chrome incognito or on Firefox private browsing?

Yes I have the latest builds, and the “Mark as perfect” and “Discard” buttons both aren’t working in any mode, in any browser

I also have bug #4 described by lesleywong, it seems impossible to edit/delete a reply to a corrected text.

The accent issue seems definitely solved though! Everything’s now displayed correctly, thanks.

Description: The streaks have somehow recomputed on my profile (I thought streaks were being removed with v3!? :grin:)

Source URL: Wort des Tages: „belauschen” · LangCorrect

Steps to reproduce: See my profile.

Expected vs. actual results: Should have a +700 streak.


A & B are fixed.

Existing rows containing just nbsp are visually hidden, and for any new journals created, those empty nbsp rows won’t get created.

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Let’s remedy this together via Discord and I’ll also be able to release a proper fix in case it’s happening to others as well

Added a to-do to fix your streak

For now they were only removed from the ranking pages. I’m still sitting on the responses, but more than likely, they will get removed or replaced with a healthier alternative. (No release date for this yet.)

Ok, I’m on Discord right now, if you wanna chat about it, feel free to ping me!