V3 Beta Bug Report

Thank you for the report!

The new release has a lot of string additions and changes, so they’re going to need to get re-translated. In the mean time, you can manually change the site language via the footer:

I am experiencing the same issue as Monsieur Éléphant: I cannot mark sentences as correct or write corrections. I am on Safari.

  1. Journal Overview
    Sign in · LangCorrect
    If I click English ↓
    Then I click German ↓
  3. Why do some users’ journals have a border and some don’t?
  4. Premium seems not to have “Priority Journals”? OK. This seems to be the problem already mentioned.

Possible fix is pushed to the staging server. Can you discord DM me your result?

It’s not documented at the moment, but I will write up some tutorials about the new interface and how to use LC once I get everything stabilized. Basically it represents a “language match”. I am not sure if the border will stay, but if it does, then I will most likely make the you have already corrected this badge have a green border instead. Who knows maybe someone will provide an even better idea on how to represent these two and both of them will go!

It’s working correctly. That premium journal has already been corrected, so it drops back down to normal visibility. Only uncorrected journals are getting filtered to the top. However, the new filter (which was disabled temporarily) will have uncorrected premium journals filtered to the very top of published date, instead of being filtered to the very top.

Thank you for the feedback! I will work on fixing those two issues soon. Some design changes and optimizations are on their way.

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Some people’s language learning level bars disappear



Logged the remaining reports - LangCorrect Web - #5 by masemune - and will release the fixes in v3.0.4

Description: Bookmark icons in corrections are huge.

Source URL: The Recent Big Step of Homo Sapiens · LangCorrect

Steps to reproduce: Scroll down and look at the received corrections.

Expected vs. actual results:
The bookmark icon appears huge. Its size should be the same as that of other icons.

Browser: Chromium
Fix: Disabling box-sizing: border-box; seems to fix the issue.

Yikes. Fixed it just now. Will need to figure out how FontAwesome is adding inlines tomorrow, and then host it manually again~

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Description: the layout on iphone8 is a littile messy

Description: accents, quotation marks, apostrophes etc. aren’t displayed correctly making the correction look like a mess. Some parts look like they were auto generated “corrections” of what was not even a mistake originally.

Optional: schreenshot

Is Journal’s edit not working?
I accidentally sent out my draft and then I edited it.
After refreshing the page, the content was blank. Then I enter the edit page, all the content is gone. So I deleted that journal…
The most embarrassing thing is that I received a notification that the journal has receive a correction . But I had deleted that article (the page shows 404), then the notification disappeared. I’m very sorry to the person who made the corrections :frowning:

Then, I tried to edit my old journal.
“Edit” does not work at the content. But the publish works, I mean it changes from “viewable by people … following each other” to “viewable only by registered members”.
I clicked “edit” but the video was not recorded.

It wasn’t working. When I removed rich text last night, I forgot to update the edit function. It’s working now.

The embarrassment should be all mines. I forgot to properly update the script leading you to experience that situation. Unfortunately it’s impossible to see who corrected it, since the post was removed. I’m sorry about that!

Thank you for the report and for the video as well~

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That should not happen anymore after I reverted the rich text change last night. Can you keep an eye out and let me know if it happens again.

I’m not sure if your post means that the issue should be fixed already…
However, when I originally opened the corrected journal, at least my original text was still intact. Only the corrections displayed the issue. Opening it again now to check if the issue has been fixed or not, I find that even my original text has become unreadable due to the above mentioned issue.
Is there anything on my end (e.g clearing the cache) I can do to push the update?

Edit: The journal itself is fixed

That change will only take affect to new journals or journals that have been edited since the update was released. So in order for it to show up properly, you will need to edit the Journal. However, doing so will visually hide any corrections if it does not exactly match the row it is referencing. You will still be able to view those corrections in your my corrections received page, but you won’t be able to view them on the journal itself.

To get to that page, there will be a clickable shortcut link in the ratio bar.

For your convenience here is your original journal (you can copy and paste it into the textarea when editing your journal):

J’entends souvent des phrases comme « J’ai pas le temps pour ça. » ou « J’ai pas le temps de faire cela. ». En fait, c’est mon mari qui le dit tout le temps, et je lui réponds que tout le monde a le même temps, 24 heures chaque jour, ni plus ni moins.

Mon mari il travaille beaucoup. Ça me semble en peu d’être la mentalité des japonais. Mais travailler beaucoup et longtemps ne signifie pas bien travailler. Il faut se reposer régulièrement pour recharger ses accus. Quelques recherches scientifiques ont déjà prouvé que ceux qui prennent des pauses régulières travaillent mieux. Pourtant prendre des petites pauses c’est souvent considéré comme de la paresse. Mais le repos suffisant est aussi une question de la santé mentale et corporelle.

Le principe de Pareto dit aussi que la majorité d’un résultat est obtenu par relativement peu d’effort. Ça veut dire on doit se focaliser sur des choses importants pour obtenir un bon résultat. Mais souvent on sombre dans les petits détails qui n’ont pas beaucoup d’effet et, par conséquence, on perd du temps.

Au final, tout n’est qu’une question de donner aux choses leurs bonnes priorités. Si on veut passer quelque temps avec sa famille ou ses amis on doit prendre le temps. Mais si nos priorités favorisent le travail en négligeant la famille et les amis, il ne faut pas s’étonner si on perd ses liens sociaux. Si on veut s’entrainer, apprendre une nouvelle langue, ou faire n’importe quel chose mais priorise le travail sur tout, il n’y a rien à faire.

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I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, but I am told that there are “86 uncorrected” in English in the “Filter by language” box. Is this referring to journals? There are certainly not 86 uncorrected ones; I can easily verify this after I click on that filter. Maybe this is referring to sentences or something else?

Not quite. The uncorrected journal count itself is accurate, but it was counting journals that were set to friends only. They weren’t showing up in your feed because you just didn’t have the proper permissions to view them. The count will need to be updated to exclude this~

Thanks for the bug report!

I don’t know what’s happened, but I can’t correct anything anymore. The rest of the website works without any issue, it’s just when I try and correct a journal that it doesn’t let me. I click on “mark as correct” and “correct” but nothing happens.
I use LangCorrect on my phone and my tablet (both Android) on Chrome and Ecosia. I tried deleting the cache and using the desktop viewing mode, but nothing worked.

Do you have scripts disabled? bootstrap.min.js needs to load in order for the buttons to work. DM me on Discord and we can figure it out together