V3 Beta Bug Report

It won’t let me submit a journal without a post language. It kept scrolling the page up and highlighting the post language element every time I try to submit the journal. You knew this all along, didn’t u?

Mate that’s what I am trying to ask you. What did you exactly do that you were able to publish a journal without a post language? Did you originally have it saved as a draft? If you can replicate it, I can fix it.

Seems to be resolved now with the latest draft update


Hello, currently there’s currently 4 identical uncorrected entries in English. When you click on any of them, there’s a server error (500).

Source URL:

Steps to reproduce:
Cick any of the duplicate “Writing Practice” journals by Jack

Expected vs. actual results:
Expected: nagivate to that journal
Actual: Server error

Persists after cleaning cache, and accross devices.

Issue has been resolved! Thank you for reporting it

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Hey! So somebody posted a journal titled “learn,” but I’m unable to reach it because it keeps redirecting me to Sign in · LangCorrect .

Thanks for reporting the issue! It has been resolved now. ^^

Line breaks in “overall feedback & comment” fields don’t seem to work in the newest release, everything appears in one block (also, it’s still impossible to edit/suppress feedback)

It was undocumented, but you were able to update feedback by visiting the make a correction page again, and updating it from there. I have also added functionality to delete or update directly from the journal page now! Thanks for letting me know!

As for the suppressing feedback, can you let me know a little more about that. Do you want to prevent the corrector from adding feedback to their corrections? Preventing the feedback from showing up in the notifications?

Description: getting notifications in german instead of french/english

Source URL: Sign in · LangCorrect or any page from which you can click on the notifications tab

Steps to reproduce: receive a notification

Expected vs. actual results: /


Thanks for the report!

I was able to replicate this on the production server, and not on my local development server. I am not quite sure what the underlying bug currently is, but I will look into it sometime this week.

For whatever reason (tbd), when notifications are getting sent, the notification verb is getting translated to whatever the author has their site locale set to. So in this case, that user has their site locale set to German, and when they do an action that triggers sending of notifications, the strings are translated into German, and then get sent out.

It’s also a bit weird how your site locale is not overriding that.

I am aware that the light box for images is missing in journal posts

Notifications are being created with the original usernames instead of the display names

Description: notifications showing numbers instead of user name

Source URL: Sign in · LangCorrect or any page from which you can click on the notifications tab

Steps to reproduce: receive a notification

Expected vs. actual results: I expect to see the name of the user, instead I see a big number.


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Thanks for the report!

There is currently no way to customize the notify_handler from the package without copying the entire code segment and changing what’s needed. I’ve set this to low priority since it’s just a visual issue where the original name is being shown instead of the display name.

edit: If anyone is comfortable with python/django and wants a crack at it, let me know! I unfortunately am pretty occupied with studying/job hunting, so I unfortunately don’t have time to tackle anything but high/critical priority tasks.

Small string issue with Spanish enabled:

I believe there’s a duplicate Redacciones/Essays string in the user dropdown. I think it should read Sugerencias/Suggestions to match the tabs on a user profile. It’s reachable from any main page URL by clicking on user icon.

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Hi @hyperionsol, thank you for the bug report! The string inside of the red boxes should be the Spanish equivalent of a writing “prompt”. Does “Sugerencias” imply a writing prompt?

I am not a native Spanish speaker but I think it would be a good fit, lit. “suggestions”.

I have one more very sneaky bug to report. I changed my username a few days ago and it appears the change did not propagate correctly. My user homepage URL is still the old username, yet the URL under “Drafts” routes the user to /account/user/<new username>, which is a 404.

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Fixed both of those issues! Thanks for reporting it :slight_smile:

The only thing left to translate would be “My Journals” under that drop down. Would that be translated as “Mis Diarios”?

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Wow, you are speedy!

Hopefully a native speaker will chime in, but I would go with “Mis redacciones” meaning writings/essays/compositions. That was the word used in my “official” Spanish exam to talk about the written portions of the exam.

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Let’s go with that until a native speaker says otherwise! Thanks again for the help and reports!~