V3 Beta Bug Report

A few more things to report.

  1. Text in angle brackets seems not to render in correction fields. Maybe it’s a markup feature?

  2. Text in correction edit modal is not appearing in user set language:

Neither seems particularly high priority though :slight_smile: Thank you for maintaining LangCorrect!

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As always thanks for the bug reports! :heart:

I have an upcoming technical on the 19th, so a fix will most likely come sometime after that. It may get delayed further depending on if I move onto the next stage of the interview process.

I really need to open source the project so updates and fixes can come out much sooner. With that being said, if someone has experience with Django + open source projects and wants to help, please let me know!

Description: Rankings page is broken on mobile.

Source URL: https://langcorrect.com/rankings/

Steps to reproduce: Simply visit this page on mobile? Didn’t test on multiple machines, but probably trivial to reproduce.

Expected vs. actual results: Content gets squished instead of getting resized properly.

Optional: N/A

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Thank you for the report! Will be sure to fix this on the new version

Clicking “Delete all notifications” deletes the notifications and sends me to the front page. I would expect clicking to simply delete the notifications without leaving the page (although refreshing would make sense).

Notifications are coming through with incorrect localization:

My language is set to Spanish but I’m getting a mix of English and French here. Maybe it’s grabbing the localization of the replier instead of my own?

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When correcting on mobile web, the default size of the correction box is often smaller than the actual length of the sentence. The box automatically resizes to fit the text only after I type something into the box.

I released a fix earlier that addresses this issue. Thanks for the report!

This is expected behavior due to it not being an AJAX request. However, this would be a nice QoL improvement. Thanks for the report!

Hello. I selected Russian as my first language in my profile settings so that’s why I tried to correct a person but it doesn’t allow me because it says that only native speakers can do that. What can I do now? I’m not sure if you need this, but my nickname is cute_hoglet.

Thank you for the bug report! Can you please include the link to the entry you were trying to correct?

edit: Found it. The author set the language to be in English instead of Russian. I have gone ahead and fixed it.

Thank you!

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I am locking this as the current UI is no longer being maintained