Were people grumpy about me working through the backlog? ;)

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Hey @diggn,

Actually no one was grumpy about you working through the German backlog, but you are more than welcome to continue to do so. That’s some really impressive ratio!

That change was made specifically so native speakers do not have to correct journals that were published a really long time ago (ex: 6+ months ago). There was no guarantee that they would have seen those corrections, or if those corrections would still apply to them (ex: they might have increased their skill level).

Thanks @masemune!

How do I get to the backlog if it doesn’t show up under “Teach” anymore?

As for chipping away at the old stuff … I had very few responses, and stopped e.g. correcting old entries from oya, because there’s such a marked difference between the old stuff and current ones.
One person who had been inactive for quite some time seems to have resurfaced (they commented on my corrections of old entries and started writing new ones).
The most proliferous writer seems to have fallen of the edge of the world, and that’s bizarre - because most of his older writing is actually better than his most recent entries.


That’s a great question.

There currently is no convenient way to filter all of the backlogged journals. However, if you were to visit a user who has a lot of backlogged journals, you could click on the uncorrected journal filter to view all of their uncorrected journals. Then you could just open up their journals in new tabs by clicking on the middle mouse button or ctrl + click-ing on them (windows).

I did update the Uncorrected Journals · LangCorrect template with an additional column to show uncorrected journals within the past 30 days. I will most likely add a function to show all of the uncorrected journals when clicking on a specific count. For example, if you were to click on the count “478” under uncorrected journals (>30 days) for German, a modal window will popup where you could scroll and open them up that way.

Or I might just add a specific page for this instead. With a button to take a user to the backlogged journals somewhere within the teach page. Decisions decisions…

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Hehe … sorry for making more work for you instead of chipping in.
If you think there’s anything I might be able to assist with, please hit me up via email? :wink: