What's a function or feature we can implement to improve your language learning?

How can we tailor the platform to compliment your learning better? What are some functions or features we could implement to help out, or make the experience better? How can we improve the way you make corrections? How could we make the LangCorrect Notebook better?

Let us know down below! The more details the better.

Sorry, I hadn’t seen this topic.

Some suggestions:

  1. I sometimes edit my entries, because I think that will make it easier for other native speakers to correct them. I mean, there are some little spelling mistakes and as soon as I get a correction, I like to edit the original text. That way new people who read my text can concentrate on different things, instead of having 2 or 3 people correcting the same spelling mistake, for example.

I did that recently, but when I saw it, the correction that I had received had disappeared. Is there a way we could edit our posts and still keep the corrections made by others visible?

  1. Would it be possible for us to be able to copy a sentence that was corrected and, when we paste it somewhere, get only the corrected bits instead of all the wrong ones all together?

  2. Oh, another cool thing would be the possibility of using bold, italic, etc in the corrections/feedback space.



I saw your message and didn’t have a change to reply yet! Glad you also posted it here. <3

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No Problem!
Jacque, I also wonder if it would be possible to filter journals, so I could see, for example, the ones that haven’t been corrected yet. Right now I do have the info about how many journals haven’t been corrected yet, but I can’t click or filter them.

Back when the site first launched, we used to show all the corrections a specific journal has received, but we ran into some issues where both natives and other learners would get confused because they would see a correction for a sentence that does not appear in their journal. So we made some changes to show corrections for only the most updated journal text, and hide the other outdated corrections.

I’m currently working on a new and improved dashboard, but I wouldn’t mind figuring out a way to show “outdated” corrections in a specific journal, maybe as a “Show older corrections” kind of drop-down button.

It’s been a minute since I last worked on it, but IIRC, you can get those clean corrected sentences if you use the Export Corrections (PDF, CSV) function which is unfortunately gated under LangCorrect Premium.

I can also look into adding a “copy” button which would copy only the clean corrected sentence, but I’m not sure when I will be able to get to it, or if that will just stay under Premium.

If money is kind of tight at the moment, I did think of a way you could accomplish this, but it would require some time/additional set up. Now I did not try this, but there has to be a browser add-on which would allow you to customize the CSS for a website. The deleted parts are using the HTML <del> tag which basically defines text that has been deleted from a document. Browsers will usually do a strike-through on the text that is enclosed with the <del> tag. What you would then have to do is just add a custom rule where you set the visibility to hidden:

    display: none;

The deleted portions should no longer show up, when you copy and paste the corrections.

If you don’t mind telling me, how would you use the clean corrected sentences? For example, would you be importing it in digital flashcards, or something else?

That would be pretty cool, huh? I’m thinking to only have the WYSIWYG editor show up in the correction note and overall correction feedback textareas (if it gets worked on). If we were to allow text decorations in actual corrected sentences, then it would quickly become pretty messy.


There is actually a way to filter them so you can see the oldest uncorrected. Under “sort > show oldest uncorrected journals first”


Nice! I hadn’t seen that hehe Thanks!

Hey, thanks for all the answers. I should study more about programming Sites and all this language, because sometimes it’s like Greek to me haha
But, the reason why it would be good to be able to copy the clean corrected sentences ist that… sometimes it’s hard to “understand” the corrections.

Some corrections end up mixing parts of the original words and others have a line in the middle and depending on the language it’s a bit confusing to be able to grasp what new word was suggested. I don’t know if I am making myself clear, because it’s a little bit hard for me to describe this in English, but I could send a picture, if needed.

So it would be awesome if we could just select the whole sentence and get only the corrected clean one when we pasted it somewhere, like, for example, on a Word file, where one could want to save all the texts they wrote or even when editing the original text.

But again, it’s just a suggestion :wink:


I wanted to write about the commenting system on corrections.
Unfortunately, I find it unpractical for several reasons… I don’t really know exactly how to improve it, but here is what I noticed:

  • When sending a comment on a correction, the page scrolls all the way down, making it a bit annoying when I want to read a correction and answer to several parts as I read
  • However, when clicking on a notification or link to a comment, I have to scroll in order to find the comment (whereas I think it would be better to have the page scroll directly to the comment in the notification)
  • Making quotes, instead of sub-topics for each correction parts makes a discussion looks very messy with more than ten comments each time I have a small text corrected. What do you think about foldable answers for each comment? I find it a bit tedious to post multiple comments. Plus I don’t even now if I’m notified for each comments, with this system…

example :
now it looks like this
Poster replied : “correction 1” could you clarify this point please?
poster replied : “correction 2” I’m sorry I didn’t understand…
corrector replied :“could you clarify this point please?” blablabla
corrector replied :" I’m sorry I didn’t understand…" blablabla
poster replied : thank you!

whereas it could look like this:
-------poster:could you clarify this point please?
-------------correcter :blablabla

-------poster: I’m sorry I didn’t understand…
-------------correcter: blablabla

poster: thank you!

Sorry for the long message, I didn’t know how to add spoilers… Thanks for your dedication!!


One more thing:

Sometimes I split a longer text in two or more parts.
When I post the second part, for example, I paste a link to the first part, so the reader can understand the context.
Here, on the Community website, this works, but on the Langcorrect site, the link doesn’t actually work, I mean, it’s not possible to actually click on it. Or maybe it is and I don’t know how to do it?

Thanks for your attention :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine any reason why you shouldn’t study programming! Feel free to DM me if you need some advice on how to get started :slight_smile:

It’s not necessary since I was able to understand you perfectly.

So the AI responsible for showing the differences between the text, tries its best to make them human readable, but unfortunately it’s not perfect.

Instead of a clean correction button, how would you feel if you were able to set the correction highlighting via the settings? One option could be the current highlighting, and another could be one where the deleted portions aren’t shown. So this way you would always be able to see the “clean” correction.

I am just a little worried that it might be a little difficult to spot the deletions sometimes. Especially if it’s something pretty subtle like a deleted comma or something.

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Just to clarify - by commenting on a correction, are you referring to clicking on the quote button next to a correction and writing a comment? (highlighted for your convenience)

One thing we can do is add a success message in the form of a toast, and remove the scrolling function.

I will definitely look into this. I think logic was added so when you click on the new comment notification, it would take you to the newly added comment. Something may have broke along the way.

I’ve actually had a light discussion with another developer regarding this matter a while back. We were originally thinking of having the quoted correction and it’s related comments right underneath the correction, ex:

But we felt that it would get even more confusing than the current implementation. :frowning:

Let’s see if I understand your example/idea correctly:

The children (replies) of correction1 would by default be hidden, right? Clicking on correction1, would then show the children. If they should be hidden by default, do you think it would get even more tedious having to click on each to see the replies?

You will be notified of every reply.

Please don’t apologize for writing a long message. I’m really grateful that you took the time to let me know your thoughts! It’s through users like you that have helped shape LC the way it is today.

You are right, the link is not clickable. We might change this in the future!


Thanks for your reply!
Abour the quote system, it is true that it can get worse with comments underneath each correction. Maybe by first preventing from scrolling when adding a quote, it would get better? It would allow us to quickly post multiple answers without having to scroll back to where we were in the correction…

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I’ve just had an idea: Being able to search through all our received corrections. (I’m currently looking for a mistake I made but since I write everyday I can’t find it easily …)

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Hey @coda ! You should be able to look through all your received corrections on this page! They’re available by going to your notebook and clicking My Received Corrections.

Your notebook is useful because you can bookmark specific corrections to quickly look back to them later. Hope this helps!

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Thanks ! I didn’t know. The problem is that there is no search bar… I’ll start bookmarking my corrections now :sweat_smile:

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The whole page will get redesigned in the future so we can definitely add a search bar. Thanks for the a suggestion coda. Keep em coming :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Right. I have an idea. What about adding a “register” category along with the “narrator gender” ? So if someone wants to have his text corrected in a more familiar tone, or in a formal tone, we can help with that? I don’t know if it’s really useful or necessary but I suggest anyway


Sorry for meddling in. I think this is a great idea, but it should only be implemenfed for advanced learners. Beginners can’t distinguish between different registers and intermediate learners are most often taught the standard language and not the real way people speak in the streets, so they frequently speak in a very neutral register.

That said, I wonder if it’s implementable, because different languages have different degrees of politeness and registers vary widely according to the context and sometimes even to geo-social factors (ex. American youth slang is not the same as British youth slang).

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