Word Laddering Game

Let’s play a game!

There is no winner for this game.

The point of the game is to take the last letter of the word above yours and make a new word in your target language. If your target language uses a script, please also include the romanization of that word!

Please state what language you are learning and what the word means in your native language! That way we can all learn new things.

Example Gameplay:

Target language – Native Language Meaning – Word for Game
Person 1: Hindi – House (English) – Ghar
Person 2: English – Rojo (Spanish) – Red

And so on and so forth!

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Well, I’ll pick up from your example, then, since I’m the first one here by the looks of it! I hope I’m doing this right…

English – Rojo (Spanish) – Red

Mandarin - computer (English) - 电脑 diànnǎo

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Japanese - Tone deafness (English) - 音痴 onchi

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Hindi - him/her/it (English) - इसे ise

(Thanks, @aietra ! Forgot to include a word to start off so going from the example was perfect!)

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Mandarin - son (English) - 儿子 èrzi

(No probs! Hope this takes off - I love forum games!)

Japanese - pain (English) - 痛み[itami]


this game is called shiritori in japanese :slight_smile:

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Japanese - strawberry :strawberry: - いちご ichigo

Japanese - success, passing (English) - 合格 ごうかく [goukaku]

Spanish - localisation (French) - ubicación

Mandarin - lemon (English) - 柠檬 níngméng

Turkish - Bis später! (German) - görüşürüz

Polish - aurora (Italian) - zorza

Japanese - to collect - 集める[atsumeru]

Italian - pták (Czech) - uccello

Japanese - sound - 音 oto

Spanish - octroyer (French) - otorgar

Russian - russian (English) - русская (russkaya)

Japanese - to give up - 諦める[akirameru]

German - U-Bahn - Subway

Hindi - here (English) - यहां , yahaa